Free digital downloads of select 4U books. PDFs have good navigation menus and web links for diving deeper into foresight topics.

Introduction to Foresight, Executive Edition, John Smart and 4U Team, 2022


Select articles on personal success and envisioning societal progress in a time of exponential change.


A selection of journals and assessments used in 4U Seminars and Workshops.

Foresight Skills Journal: Personal and Team, John Smart et al., 2023

Balanced Work Strengths Assessment (Gallup StrengthsFinder 34 + 4U 6), Foresight U, 2022


A selection of onesheets used in 4U Trainings and Workshops.


Select slides from recent presentations (limited posting time, download now if you want to keep them).

The Evolution of Techno-Human Identity Stories, John Smart, 2024 (UHSG)

Flourishing in the Age of AI, John Smart, 2024 (Envision World Future Day)

Digital Leadership for Industry 4.0, John Smart, 2023 (Siemens Discovery Day)